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Treatments really speed up the healing process. I went from having to use my left hand to even eat, to never thinking about it! I don’t know how, but laser therapy does work!


I wanted to thank you for putting me “back on the ice”. I injured my back just before Thanksgiving. After going to my family doctor and taking medication for four weeks the pain would not go away. After visiting Dr. Nelson, it took only four visits over two weeks and the back pain is gone. I am now playing hockey at the ripe old age of 56(I have played for over 50 years). The attention to detail and the professionalism shown to me by the entire staff was an added treat. I will never hesitate to tell all my friends where they need to go when seeking chiropractic care at its finest. Thank you so much.

-Mark K.

Receiving massage therapy & chiropractic care minimizes pain & fatigue. I can sleep well and take better care of my family with the care I receive. The staff at Apex Health Spine and Sport is great. They will do all they can to help you receive the treatment that will meet your unique needs. It is their desire to see you well.


The pain is gone. I can do anything I want now without pain in my hips or back. No problem sleeping, walking or bending. I highly recommend the decompression table. In a few short weeks it has given me back the ability to function without pain.


I had low back pain, difficulty sitting for long periods of time. The symptoms have disappeared, and I can sit without any discomfort. I highly recommend not only the chiropractor, but the massages, laser treatments and electrode therapy.


The leg pain has gotten a lot better. I would definitely recommend the Apex Health Spine & Sport verses somewhere else because their staff is very caring and will always do their best to help you and work with you.


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